Practice Management Analysis: Tools & Tips

It's basically our job to make your jobs easier. Seriously. But we'd all be lying if we said we didn't want to spend less time on administrative tasks (which turns into over 8 hours a week, costing about $102 billion per year). This doesn't include the opportunity cost of being able to spend our time on more meaningful tasks.

So here's what you can do: audit your practice workflow. I know, it seems a lot like more administrative work. But this is so, so important for your practice efficiency in the long run. We've done a bit of the leg work for you, and compiled some of the best resources the American Medical Association has to offer.

Step 1: Audit Your Practice Management

Download and fill out, along with your office staff, the following resources to figure out where your practice operations can improve.

Implement Team-Based Care

Download a printable PDF version of this module.

Process Map Toolkit

Use this tool to customize a process flow map that fits your practice.

Discharge Checklist

A checklist to help create a list of tasks that nurses or MAs should complete after the physician leaves the exam room. Modify to meet your practice needs.

Rooming Checklist

A checklist of tasks for the clinical support staff to complete before and after the physician component of the visit, to improve care and reduce physician time on routine functions. Modify to meet your practice needs.

Pre-Visit Questionnaire Document

Set the agenda for the next patient visit and save time during the clinic session by having patients fill out this questionnaire before their visit.

Visit Planner Checklist Document

A checklist that allows physicians to indicate the need for another appointment and any associated laboratory tests to be completed before the next patient visit.

Step 2: Fix Your Worklow

Once you identify your pain points in your workflow and appointment/registration communications, call us at Klara. We will boost your efficiency by providing the platform needed for collaborative, team-based care.

Get Klara For Your Practice

We have what you need to fix your workflow and implement templates for easy pre-visit, work-flow and patient retention improvement.