Centralizing all your medical communication

Klara is a secure app for medical teams to communicate with patients and other providers. It's so simple, you'll love it.

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Your communication, made simple

Streamline all your medical communication into one easy to use and HIPAA compliant channel. It's a seamless experience for everyone involved.

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Unleash the power
of conversations

Securely send messages, lab results and photos to your patients. You can also chat with your own team, or an external provider. Everything is documented in one place and can be exported to your electronic health record (EHR).

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The smartest way to organize your workflow

Assign patients to staff members, leave internal notes, and refer them to your colleagues. Picking up the conversation where you left off is easier then ever as we display the right information at the right time, so you can focus on what really matters.

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Limitless communication

Medical communication doesn’t stop at your doorstep. Connect with your teammates, with other practices, labs and pharmacies to communicate about patients and medical topics.

Dr. Osei-Tutu

Klara helps me to be the type of doctor I have always dreamed of being. In our practice we tell patients we will “klara” them.

Dr. Osei-Tutu
Dr. Lian Mack, GlamDerm

I am beyond excited and fortunate to have found Klara. Their platform will continue to help my practice grow in an innovative way. Thank you Klara!

Dr. Lian Mack, GlamDerm
Dr. Mark Kaufmann

Klara is one single place, where I can communicate with my patients, colleagues and staff without thinking about HIPAA, documentation or security.

Dr. Mark Kaufmann