Don't let poor patient communication hurt your practice.

Meet Klara! The secure messaging platform that delights patients, saves staff time, and grows your bottom line.

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Why Klara practices are more successful:

Prevent patient attrition

  • Don’t let congested phone lines stand in the way of great patient care
  • Communication issues is the #1 reason why patients complain or leave
  • Reach patients where they want to be reached - via secure texting

Save your staff valuable time

  • Dramatically reduce phone volume and eliminate call-backs
  • Automate and reduce time-consuming and repetitive workflows
  • Let your staff spend more time with patients and less time on chores

Differentiate and grow your practice

  • Deliver a great patient experience that drives patient referrals
  • Strengthen your online reputation and easily attract new patients
  • Patient-centric communication makes practices more profitable

All communications unified… and simplified.

One comprehensive platform with intelligent tools to unify and simplify all patient related communication in one place. It's so easy to use, you’ll love it (and your patients, too).

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The Klara Network

Connect and collaborate with other medical teams, pharmacies and anyone involved in a patient's journey to give your patients the continuous care they need.

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Klara works for all specialties

Any practice which frequently communicates with patients gets immediate value from Klara. 

If you have a phone, KLARA can help.

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Eye clinics
Family medicine
Physical therapists
Plastic and cosmetic surgeon
Spine and pain

What our customers say...

Image of Dr. Kelly Killeen, Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

Fast, efficient... and no more phone calls.

“It makes patient communication fast and efficient, easy to delegate without phone calls.”
Dr. Kelly Killeen, Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care
Image of Dr. Paul Szotek, Indiana Hernia Center

This is a game changer!

“This is a game changer for my practice and patient satisfaction. It also improves quality of care.”
Dr. Paul Szotek, Indiana Hernia Center
Image of Dr. Emmet Berg, Healthline Medical Group

We have gone from 15% enrollment to over 90%

“KLARA is a superb patient communication tool…I can tell you that it is unequivocally one of the best communication software applications that I have ever seen.”
Dr. Emmet Berg, Healthline Medical Group

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