Revisiting 2016 Healthcare Trends


How Modern Are You?


HIPAA security concerns are at an all time high with breaches being publicized now more than ever. Have you thought about how secure your current communication system is working?

Klara gives power to the consumers through a user-friendly mhealth application. Staff and doctors use the app to triage communication and better prioritize incoming messages from patients and external parties.

The key to a connected healthcare system is collaboration among providers and specialists that previously had little-to-no crossover. Klara allows for behavioral health professionals to coordinate and collaborate with medical professionals providing a clear, transparent healthcare experience for the patient. Schedule a quick call to see if Klara is right for you.

  • 2 hours saved per day per employee
  • $17k saved per employee per year
  • 10% more patients per year
  • $140k more revenue per year
  • Higher patient retention
  • 50% increase lifetime value of existing patients

Join The Future

Is your practice keeping up with the cutting-edge of healthcare trends? Prepare for 2017 by jumping on the Klara network. Schedule a call here. Gain exclusive access to referrals, collaboration and more patients via the Klara messaging system.