Save your staff valuable time

Spend less time on the phone and on internal coordination, and more time helping patients

With Klara's smart workflow features and voicemail integration, communicating with patients — and internally — is easier than ever. Say goodbye to phone tag and spending hours on the phone, and forget about tracking down answers, going through stacks of notes, and losing track of follow-ups.

Staff Inefficiency → Waste Of Time And Money

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70% of all phones can be resolved via messaging

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60% of calls to patients go to voicemail

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4 vs 4 (4 seconds to message a patient vs 4 minutes on a phone call)

Communication that medical teams love

Spend less time on the phone

  • Secure messaging eliminates phone tag
  • Voicemail integration and automatic transcription means you don't have to listen to another voicemail, and can respond via message
  • Customizable templates let staff respond to messages in seconds, instead of minutes on the phone
  • Use Klara to coordinate with labs, pharmacies, and other practices, reducing overall phone volume

Make internal communication more efficient

  • Create custom templates to save time when responding to patients
  • Easily mention a teammate or assign them a conversation, to collaboratively triage messages
  • Communicate about patients with private 'internal' notes in the patient conversation

Dramatically reduce the time spent on patient intake

  • Send pre-visit paperwork with customizable eForms, that patients can fill out on their phone or computer
  • Make it easy for patients to send insurance cards and other documentation
  • Send pre-visit instructions and follow up in seconds, with customizable message templates