Save Your Staff Valuable Time

Time spent on phone is inefficient, disruptive and a pain to document.

Klara reduces wasted staff time on unnecessary calls and workflows, with a smart messaging platform that empowers medical teams to easily and quickly solve patient issues.

Staff Inefficiency → Waste Of Time And Money

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70% of all phones can be resolved via messaging

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60% of calls to patients go to voicemail

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4 vs 4 (4 seconds to message a patient vs 4 minutes on a phone call)

Communication that medical teams love

Secure messaging saves time

  • 1 message on Klara reduces 4 phone calls
  • Klara reduces phone volume by 30% when fully implemented
  • Instead of calling back for voicemails, respond via message

Streamline workflows

  • Create custom templates to save time when responding to patients
  • Easily triage and work as a team — nothing falls through the cracks
  • Get automatic transcriptions of all voicemails in Klara

Spend time with patients, not drowning in tasks

  • Save 40% or more of admin time
  • Automatically send intelligent follow-up reminders
  • Get notified when patients read messages