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Prevent patient attrition

Practices lose patients due to busy phone lines, blocked schedules, and broken patient experiences.

Studies show 60% of patients will hang up after being on hold for a minute, and only 32% will call back. With Klara, patients can skip the phone call (and waiting on hold), and securely message your practice directly. Provide a great patient experience, while increasing staff capacity.

Busy phone lines cause patient leakage

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Communication is the #1 reason why patients complain

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80% of your patients prefer to text with their doctor’s office

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97% of Americans text once per day

Don’t let congested phone lines stand in the way of great patient care

Build patient relationships

  • Make it easy for patients to reach your office
  • Never miss a patient, using automatic voicemail integration
  • Reach patients where they want to be reached — via secure texting

The right follow up, every time

  • Quickly and collaboratively triage incoming patient communication
  • Get full accountability, with documentation of handoffs, messages, and internal communication
  • See exactly when the patient read your message (and let Klara follow up automatically if it's still unread)
  • Create group conversations with the patient and external practices or pharmacies