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Prevent Patient Attrition

Practices lose patients due to busy phone lines, blocked schedules and broken patient experiences.

Klara reduces the frustration and poor experiences that cause patient leakage. Increase access without increasing staff. Facilitate stronger handling of patient requests. Bolster staff happiness for better morale and office experience.

Busy phone lines cause patient leakage

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Communication is the #1 reason why patients complain

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80% of your patients prefer to text with their doctor’s office

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97% of Americans text once per day

Don’t let congested phone lines stand in the way of great patient care

Facilitate ongoing communication between patients and practice

  • Allow patients to conveniently reach out to staff regarding admin questions
  • Never miss a patient, using automatic voicemail integration
  • Reach patients where they want to be reached - via secure texting

Patients with access to the practice are 3x more likely to have medical needs met

  • Collaborate internally across teams to make efficient decisions while getting back to patients faster
  • Offer continuous care by easily sharing the patient with external practices and pharmacies
  • Inform all or multiple patients about emergency or seasonal news using Klara mass messaging