Healthcare Messaging App FAQ

What is a Healthcare Messaging App?

Benefits of Healthcare Messaging Apps

  • More Efficient Workflows
  • Reduce Phone Volume
  • Higher Patient Volume Seen and Treated
  • Faster Personel Response Times
  • Minimize Compliance Risks

Common Concerns for Providers

Providers may have concerns about introducing secure messaging into their practice.

I’ll be swamped with questions.

Rather than being flooded with messages, some studies find that call volume decreases when secure messaging is introduced. Providers also appreciate being able to respond to patients at their convenience.

I’m not paid to answer email.

Time spent communicating through secure messaging often replaces time spent on less efficient telephone calls.

My patients won’t use secure messaging.

While not all patients will have computer access or feel comfortable using secure messaging, practices that actively promote secure messaging have had success with patient adoption. When patients understand the value of secure messaging, such as being able to reach their provider more easily, they are more likely to try it.

"Rather than being inundated with messages, providers actually experience increased productivity according to a number of evaluations." — Wakefield et al., 2010

Patients will use secure messaging inappropriately.

Studies show that in the majority of cases patients use secure messaging appropriately to address non-urgent health issues, such as questions about lab results or medications.

Does secure messaging raise new liability issues?

Liability considerations are similar to other forms of communication, such as telephone, mail, and paper records.

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Klara Healthcare Messaging App

Klara is a Healthcare Messaging App for Healthcare Professionals and Staff to communicate securely on a cloud-based platform. On average, Klara users cut down on phone volume by 48%, saved at least 2 hours per day per staff member on the phone, and achieved a rate of 90% patient satisfaction after implementing Klara.