All communications unified...and simplified.

One comprehensive platform with intelligent tools to unify and simplify all patient related communications in one place. So easy to use, you'll love it (and your patients, too).

Easy and secure messaging on all devices

  • Secure, 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Compatible with any device (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • No app download required, but you can, if you want
  • No username or password needed
  • Push & text notifications
  • Of course, its cloud based

Smart patient access & 24/7 acquisition

  • Automated website chat-bot
  • Intelligent voicemail integration
  • Make your practice number "textable"

Workflow optimization, collaboration & accountability

  • Shared, unified team inbox
  • Manage workflow through triaging within your team
  • Assign conversations for clear accountability
  • Internal peer-to-peer messaging
  • @-mention team members to get their attention
  • Everything is automatically documented

Supercharge and automate messages

  • Customizable message templates
  • Send files, photos and videos
  • Send digital versions of your forms, for patients to fill out on their phone or computer
  • Read receipts and intelligent follow-up reminders
  • Automated away messages for after hours

The Klara Network

  • Group chat with external Klara users
  • Share patient info with pharmacies, labs, lawyers & other practices

Real-time data & analytics

  • Real-time analytics & insights dashboard
  • ROI tracking for your practice
  • Performance dashboard for your staff members
  • Qualitative insights about frequency of use cases
  • Real-time patient adoption statistics & visualization