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Differentiate And Grow Your Practice

Studies show patients care most about convenience and access. 1 in 10 new patient phone calls are lost due to congested phone lines.

Klara provides more opportunities to connect with new patients in a modern and easy way of communication with your practice.

Patient communication used to be a nightmare. Not anymore.

Convenient communication that patients love

Deliver a great patient experience that drives patient referrals

  • Send quick personalized messages to build engagement and referrals from patients
  • Through website integration, make it easier for patients to connect with your practice
  • No app download required; works on all devices

Strengthen your online reputation and easily attract new patients

  • Acquire new patients 24/7 by integrating with Google Search
  • 75% of patients find their doctor online by reading positive and negative reviews
  • Push positive reviews through the Klara platform

Patient-centric communication makes practices more profitable

  • Attain over 85% patient adoption using Klara
  • 40% of all patients using Klara are over 55 years of age
  • Facilitate two way communication between patient and practice