Differentiate and grow your practice

Making patients happy isn't just best practice — it directly affects your bottom line.

Just one patient lost from dissatisfaction can result in up to $200,000 lost over the lifetime of a practice — while one happy patient typically tells four others.

Make patients happier while making your staff more efficient.

Communication that patients love

Provide a delightful patient experience

  • Easy to use — on any cell phone
  • No more waiting on hold or playing phone tag
  • Faster and easier check-in
  • Send photos, files, and more

Improve profitability with patient-centric care

  • Invest in technology 80% or more of your patients will use
  • Communicate efficiently with older patients
  • Acquire new patients 24/7 through your website
  • Make staff more productive by reducing their administrative tasks
  • Receive more positive online reviews, which 75% of patients say they read when choosing a doctor