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“We believe every patient deserves a great experience. Join us on our mission to make that possible.”

Simon Lorenz, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

We are deeply rooted in healthcare — some have worked in healthcare industries before, many have family members who are medical providers, and all of us are patients. What unites us all is our passion for fixing what is a deeply broken experience for both patients and providers, and making lives better by bringing humanity back to healthcare.

We don’t accept the healthcare status quo, so we are forging our own path — one that’s built on truly listening to our customers and deeply understanding their needs. With employees from around the world, we rely on the wide range of experiences our team brings, and we learn from the innovative networks around our offices in New York and Berlin.

We believe that empowered patients are the future of healthcare, and that good medical care will also mean an exceptional patient experience. Together, we are building that future.

Meet our People

Meet Rhythm, Software Engineer

“Healthcare is only going to continue to become more complex —technology providers are the ones who will ultimately solve the problems of the healthcare industry in the years ahead. We have to put patients first. As a Software Engineer at Klara, I get to be at the forefront of that.”

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What Klara has Taught Dan

“I see our team as a group of explorers, bravely sailing for a new world. We have many of the tools we need to succeed, but we never know what’s coming up on the horizon. So we are constantly learning, trying new things, and iterating — with hits and misses along the way.”

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How to Succeed in Sales? Ask Mary Ellen

“I think the reason everyone is so good at motivating and listening is because of our openness with each other — you are constantly getting feedback and support from your teammates. If you can trust your team, that means you can listen to them when they’re giving feedback and use that feedback to improve. And when we win? We celebrate those wins really well.”

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"Built with Love": Semjon Talks Engineering

“I’m motivated by the technical challenges we face from time to time. That includes integration with new systems, application of new technologies, and updates to the current tech stack. No two days are the same here — and with all of these initiatives going on, the engineering team stays up to date on the best trends across the technological landscape.”

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