Throw Your Fax Machine Out The Window

Yup, it is time to throw your fax machine out the window - introducing "Colleagues" on Klara!

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Colleagues on Klara. "Colleagues" is your best resource for securely communicating online with any medical professional.

You can now start a new conversation from the “Colleagues” tab.

Next simply name the conversation whatever you'd like.

Then, invite any combination of doctors, physician assistants, office managers, medical assistants, nurses, pharmacies, labs, or staff to a group thread.

Just enter their email address:

It is not required to have a Klara account prior to being added to the conversation, so feel free to invite anyone you wish!

You can use the thread to exchange messages, images, results, instructions, and even medical records.

Klara is FREE to use with UNLIMITED number of Patients and Colleagues. What are you waiting for?

Try it on your own today - Click Here.