The @GetKlara Webinar Sessions are Officially Open

Getting Klara Now Got Easier.

Klara is offering free webinar sessions twice a week for healthcare professionals (think: doctors, pharmacists, therapists) and their office staff to learn the ins-and-outs of Klara for your practice.

Dedicated Klaristas (Klara team members) will be available to answer any live questions - well, and of course follow-ups.

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But what is Klara, why should I use it? 

Klara is a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app that is used by medical specialists to communicate with patients and external teams including pharmacies, other medical specialists and more.

Current problem that Klara solves for you**:

  • Streamlining client communication and moving it on a HIPAA-compliant platform (no more non-secure emails and texts)

  • Reducing time spent on phone (especially on administrative tasks such as scheduling, eligibility etc.)

  • Collaboration - Possibility to add Administrative Staff, Nurses, MAs/PAs, external providers directly to patient conversations.


At this moment, Klara will be given to you, your staff (if any) and your patients at no cost for lifetime.

So Let's Do This.

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