Tech the Halls!

An old saying goes, “the best gifts come in small packages.” Although I tend to agree, this may or may not be true for our top tech gifts of this holiday season. Some boxes will be small and others a bit large, but these brand-spanking new gadgets are undoubtedly slimmer, sleeker and more powerful than ever.

Laptop Magazine chose its Top 12 Gadget Gift Ideas, and some of their suggestions are certainly worth a look. Toshiba’s lightweight, powerful and affordable Chromebook 2 makes the cut (with 4GB of RAM and a starting price of $329). One of this year’s hottest trends, wearables make an appearance as well, with the Garmin Vivosmart fitness tracker. This tracker is water-resistant and logs the users steps, calories and even active and sleep time. The Roku Streaming Stick was another interesting choice: this streaming media devices allows users to simply plug into your TV to access over 1,800 channels via dedicated remote buttons for access Amazon, Netflix and Blockbuster’s libraries of content.

Real Simple has it’s own list of Cool Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your List, and they start off with a bang: the world’s first 3D printing pen! Capitalizing on the 3D printing craze, this pen allows you to create 3D models that harden in seconds – it’s a combination between a traditional glue gun and an ink pen, and the possibilities seem nearly endless. Ringly Smart Jewelry looks like a regular old statement cocktail ring, but it actually syncs with the owners cell phone and can alert her via vibration and changing colors when she receives a call or an e-mail. Another one of my personal favorites is the Toymail WIFI Mailman in “Fairfax the Fox.” This little woodland creature provides voicemail for kids. Parents or family members can download and app and send messages to this little animal inbox. Think, high tech pen pal or even a cute gift for your child that’s going away to college. The device even works in reverse, allowing the owner of the Fox to send messages back to app users!

For the budget conscious, PC Magazine has a list of 10 Great Tech Gifts Under $50. The Misfit Flash is a surprisingly robust fitness wearable that’s under $50, and there’s a nifty AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard that you can use with your tablet for a very reasonable $25.99. Lastly, the Quirky Pivot Power is a twisty, stylish looking power strip that is sure to satisfy every techies desire at only $49.

So for the technologically savvy on your shopping list, or for those who simply enjoy the latest and greatest, there are some really unique tech gifts on the shelves this year. Whether it’s personal fitness, staying in touch, or adding a bit of style and flair to the mass of wires in the living room, you should feel well prepared to scour the aisles (both real and digital, perhaps) for the perfect tech gift!