Medical Practice Marketing Tips 2017

Medical Practice Marketing Tips 2017

We're bringing you 2017's best marketing tips and tactics for your medical practice. We believe in transparency, collaboration and changing the healthcare for the better. These tips are the top ways our doctors and marketing specialists have found success in the past. Cheers!

1. Online Marketing

Why go online when you have a brick-and-mortar business? You’re an established member of the community and have no use for an online presence - this is a very wrong mindset. People now receive news and information via web and mobile applications for their very real in-person life choices. Here are some simple steps to market your practice online without having to hire an extra body:

Learn the Magic of Google Adwords and SEO

Google provides free support materials for novices to learn the art of Google Best Practices.If you have a website (hint: you should), learn how to optimize the format, design and copy to make it easier for inquiring and existing patients.It could be as simple as providing a contact form on the homepage (we provide widgets for encrypted forms).You could increase the amount of hyperlinks to sister practices, list hyperlinks referral practices on your page, add a blog feature, the list goes on.

2. Referrals 2.0

Referral marketing is a long-time favorite and exceptionally effective method of new business acquisition. Most practices that have been in practice for a few years have an average of 30 partners that they do business with regularly.

Why isn’t this process as efficient as it should be?

87 percent of physicians surveyed believe that referral misdirection happens when there is a lack of reliable information about the specialists.

Insufficient information can be endemic to call centers (31 percent), referring offices (32 percent), or referring physicians themselves (62 percent).

Through better information sharing and availability to connect, physicians can decrease the amount of lost or misdirected referrals, which end up costing an estimated $1.9 billion in lost wages and unnecessary co-pays annually. More than eight in 10 doctors use smartphones for work, and 56% use tablets. Secure messaging is the new referral call.

3. Thought Leadership

Become a thought leader in your field (but you already are, we know that). Establish yourself as an expert through activities ranging from relatively low effort to aggressive personal branding. What does this mean? Make yourself available to local and national news centers including online and print publications to comment on current health issues. And how do I do this?

There are a number of free services and email newsletters to subscribe to that list opportunities for professionals to give quotes in print and web publications across the country. Check out HARO (Help a Reporter Out) or PR Hunters for some great sources.

Get personal: Give seminars and talks on health issues that you specialize in or have knowledge in at local colleges, conventions and meetings.

If you have a bit more time, reach out to the local newspaper or regional magazine about contributor opportunities. Think about publishing a blog related to your field and hosting the blog on your website (people will read it, hello there). Set up social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) to market your services, and comment on industry trends. If you want to get really fancy, set up target social media campaigns for your area.

What Are You Waiting For?

Start somewhere. Klara offers qualified physicians the opportunity to join our communications network. Interested in learning more? Schedule a quick call to get started.

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