Secure Messaging for Healthcare

Secure Messaging for Healthcare FAQs

Why do you need secure messaging for healthcare in your practice? Everyone from solo-practitioners to large-scale multi-location practices are integrating secure messaging for their healthcare practices.Take a look below as we give quick facts about messaging in healthcare, as well as address some questions and concerns providers frequently have. Information is provided by a joint initiative of HealthIT.govand the National Learning Consortium.

Why use secure messaging for healthcare?

Secure messaging for healthcare can play an important role in improving patient access to health care providers. In addition, practices can actualize benefits in improved communication that improve their bottom line operationally.Secure messaging provides better care outcomes, patient retention and time management for practices.

Secure messaging for healthcare can be used to:

  • Promote care coordination between visits

  • Handle routine health issues

  • Address patient questions and concerns

  • Monitor patient condition(s)

  • Adjust the care plan in a timely manner

  • Help patients better manage their condition

Secure messaging for healthcare can be convenient for handling routine nonclinical tasks such as medication refills and referrals. Evidence from a number of practices indicates that offering secure messaging contributes to patient satisfaction with care.

"Patients really like secure messaging. They feel it is a more personal way to communicate with their doctor directly online rather than having a phone message go through the nurse or staff." - Primary Care Physician

Download our Secure Messaging for Healthcare PDF Guide

We've listed the benefits for patients, benefits for providers, frequently asked questions and best practices in an easy, simple PDF document for better sharing.

Can I talk to someone directly about secure messaging for my healthcare practice?

Talk to us about joiningour premier secure messaging platform. Klara is a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform. Think of it as a way of connecting providers with staff, patients, and external specialists.