Review: TigerText and Klara

We've done a review of TigerText and Klara, because we really care about informing consumers ( on choosing the right healthcare technology for your practice. Check out our analysis below reviewing the capabilities of both TigerText and Klara.

To make the most educated decision, we recommend taking a quick look at the Klara platform. See Klara in action today

Message Lifespan and Security


TigerText Messages can be set to be automatically deleted after a certain time (controlled by an administrative employee).


Klara healthcare messages last up to 7 years as per HIPAA standards. The messages can also be exported in the form of a PDF should the professional or patient need to save information.

Messaging Capabilities


TigerText enables calling from within an app, forwarding messages and forums.

This series of communications options is diverse, although may cause confusion and distraction from day-to-day communications workflow.


Klara Messaging is a workflow-integrating system for triaging text-based messages.

Klara streamlines the amount of communication methods needed to reach patients and staff. Average time reduction daily is up to one hour per professional.

User Groups


TigerText is enterprise-based, used primarily for internal communication. This means, TigerText works best for internally chatting with colleagues about situations in forums and otherwise.

TigerText allows for multiple versions of communicating; however, lacks a central workflow.


Klara messaging, works best in large medical group practices centered around patient communication. This patient-first approach enables peer-to-peer communication, but only in a patient-centric channel.

This design is so that the patient remains at the center of the communication, making communication succinct and optimized.

Secure Attachments

TigerText and Klara

Both TigerText and Klara allow for secure sending of attachments such as photos (ex. insurance cards), files and forms reducing the back and forth associated with inefficient communication.

Which is right for my practice?

It depends on your needs. If you’re looking to cut down on costs and optimize office operation specifically in the healthcare industry, Klara is the one for you. If you are looking to host conversations on a non-specialized platform with co-workers, then TigerText may be the proper selection.

Any investment in technology should be tied to tangible outcomes for your practice within the next few years. Determine the ROI you’re looking for to give yourself a better idea of the right healthcare messaging for you.

We want to help you make the most educated decision possible. See the Klara platform in action today.