Klara Is Not A Patient Portal

What makes Klara different than a patient portal? This is one of the most common questions we hear from doctors. The simple version: Klara makes life easier.

Patient Portals Were Made In The Stone Age

We'd like to think with all the incredible advancements in technology and programming, the healthcare industry would be propelled forward since health is in just about everyone's top 3 priorities. Still, EMR and patient portal softwares are severely outdated and overly complicated. Many portals do not integrate with the doctor's EMR programs, and the ones that do are weighed down with heavy data.

Want to refill your prescription on the bus ride home? Sorry, the portal is not compatible with your mobile device. How about logging in to see your lab results? Error. This program cannot be viewed in your current browser. These are just a few of many the common issues people face when using patient portals. Bottom line, patient portals are far from user friendly and nobody wants use them. Doctors are required to use patient portals with at least 5% of their patients according to Meaningful Use Stage 2. Unfortunately this provides little incentive to upgrade patient portals for the foreseeable future since it's easier to simply register 5% of patients and forget about it.

Why We Love Klara (And You Should, Too!)

Klara isn't a patient portal. It's not a requirement, it's a tool. We looked at the major complaints from doctors and patients alike and channeled them into creating a simple solution. We've introduced relevant and intuitive features on our elegant interface that is mobile-friendly and functions on all browsers. We know the more people use Klara, the more value it provides.

Doctors can schedule follow up visits and fill out prescriptions with ease. Klara can even integrate with just about every EMR system without the heavy data by simply pasting a link in the comments. Staff can also legally and securely send out biopsy results electronically. If you want to get a second opinion on a diagnosis with a colleague, just use the collaboration feature.

Klara enables doctors to follow up with patients online in a matter of minutes, and charge them for it, while the valuable office time they would have taken up can be used to see new patients. They also have a better chance of retaining existing patients that may have difficulty coming into the office for whatever reason.

Our goal is not just for Doctors and Patients to use Klara, but to want to use Klara. That's why we continuously strive to provide an easy and seamless service that improves the overall doctor-patient experience. That's the Klara difference!