Guide To Buying Correct Website Chatbot For Your Medical Practice 2018

Why Klara Chatbot?

Having a website Chatbot for your medical practice is quickly becoming the new must have in 2018. Chatbots help with your medical practice’s communication, and works 24 hours a day 365 days a year; it never sleeps! When an employee at your medical practice goes home for the day, voicemails pile up and nobody is available to answer the phone for incoming requests and information. Chatbots not only answer often redundant and simple questions, but they archive and relay the message via text or messaging platform so that the message is answered in a timely manner. This saves time returning phone calls by simply messaging back.

Tip: Having your Chatbot automatically open when your website loads leads to higher engagement with customers compared to when the Chatbot has to be clicked to open.

To sum it up: Chatbots work 24/7, do not have to be used by an employee, it automatically engages with your patients, and works after hours. Bonus: They are HIPAA compliant!

Chatbot Stats

-Chatbots increase conversion rates by 300%
-Gamespot claims that they gained 100% more user engagement after implementing conversational interfaces into their customer support systems
- Imperson specializes in natural-language conversational interfaces or bots that accurately impersonate a characters voice. According to Imperson, their chatbot gets an average duration of 9 mins per conversation, a maximum of 13 turns per conversation and a consistent 20% re-engagement.
-Narvar specializes in post-purchase customer service for retailers such as Disney and Gamestop. An article published by Top Bots mentions that NarVar helped Gamestop increase response rate from customers by 100%.

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Klara Chatbot In Action

Website Contact Forms

Website contact forms are quickly becoming a relic of the past. What used to be convenient for all parties, is now becoming the most common method of communication that gets lost or sent to your email Junk folder. Website contact forms have the same idea—alleviate phone traffic and message via email. Email, while still a very effective primary source of communication in 2018, is nowhere near the level of sophistication and success a Chatbot can provide for your medical practice. With the excess amount of traffic a Chatbot can handle, combined with the ease of communication it provides, you can spend more time taking appointment requests rather than focusing on time consuming revenue losing day-to-day tasks. After a short period of time, the Chatbot will pay for itself and then some.