Get Paid: What Makes a Physician a High-Earner?

The following factors were associated with physicians in the “high-earning” category:

  • Providing more patient visits (high-earners saw a mean number of 122 patients per week; low-earners saw 84)
  • Practicing the full scope of family medicine in the hospital setting
  • Being in larger practices (which may be related to the next four factors)
  • Providing clinical lab, physical therapy, occupational therapy and imaging services in-house
  • Viewing negotiations with payers and evaluating contracts as very important
  • Participating in quality improvement, marketing, strategic planning and benchmarking
  • Having in-house billing and collections;
  • Seeing more Medicare patients (nationally, may vary by state);
  • Working more hours
  • Being paid based on productivity
  • Planning to purchase an EHR


These findings hinge on the concept of improved efficiency. A practice that sees just one more quality patient per day increases earning potential. By integrating technology that saves time (approximately 488 hours per year), physicians boost earning potential.

Klara adds value by saving you money in the following ways:

Say Goodbye To The Unnecessary 

The Klara communication platform cuts down on the amount of unnecessary visits with direct patient-to-doctor communication. Extraneous appointments are replaced by a simple exchange of messages on a HIPAA-secure platform. Check out our video to see how this works.

Improve quality of treatment by managing a patient-focused communications channel. Doctors can collaborate and view treatment history as well as medical records on our secure platform. Problem-based appointments will become a thing of the past.

Of 300 c-level healthcare executives surveyed, 93 percent said they are leaving money on the table by not transforming themselves into more flexible operations to offer personalized services.

88 percent of doctor’s appointments still scheduled by phone.

The amount of time wasted in administrative overhead is reduced with the integration of Klara’s secure and personalized platform.

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