Find Out The Best Days for Scheduling Online Visits on Klara

At Klara, we love data!

Besides being a catalyst of efficiency for our doctors, Klara is demystifying information on patient behavior and sharing the findings with our doctors. There is no better way of analyzing behavioral trends than on digital platforms such as Klara.

We are in a fascinating era - digital health data is revolutionizing healthcare. Gone are the days when digital was just about technology and IT – it is now more commercially focused than ever before.

One of first questions doctors and healthcare analysts try to tackle is how to increase patient engagement. In the realm of Klara, the question amounts to finding the best day to maximize patient response rates for online visits.

Just what the Doctor Ordered

We have analyzed thousands of data points over the past few months with the goal of sharing the results with our physicians. We know our doctors will love to know the secrets of maximizing patient engagement using Klara. So, what weekday is the best for patient responses?

Tuesday is the Best Day

Tuesday leads the pack - for visits scheduled during the week, 20% of all patient responses via Klara came on Tuesday. The second best days are Monday and Thursday, during which 16% of patient responses came in. Wednesday and Friday follow with 15% and 13% of patient response rates, respectively.

Saturday is the Least Performing Day

The conventional school of thought will suggest that, with the convenience of virtual patient care, patients will respond to online visits when they have free time over the weekends - this is not the case. Saturdays and Sundays are the worst days for patient engagement, controlling for variables such as geographic location, age, billing, and the weekday during which the follow-up was scheduled.

What’s Next?

When you invite patients, schedule your visits to be due on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays - if possible. As always, our goal going forward is to give you a useful service that makes you more efficient and profitable, while never being cumbersome to use.