Digital Marketing for Doctors: Easy Tips

Digital Marketing for Doctors

Why is online presence such a big topic for doctors? Digital marketing is one of the best investments doctors and healthcare professionals can make to sustain business through the next 5 years.The answer is simple, it’s because patients are searching for doctors all over the internet before making the decision to visit a medical practice. Therefore it's become increasingly important that you get found online!

But there is a Problem

The internet is huge,so where to you start? Inevitably physicians are pressed for time, they want to build their online presence quickly. The next thing you read online is- how to build your online presence in under an hour, right?

You think you have found the mantra to accomplish the online presence reward, so you start creating social media pages, content for your website or blog, Yelp, ZocDoc, Healthgrades and all other possible web pages.

Now you are happy and ready to receive more patients, but nothing happens. Why? You become annoyed and confused until someone in your practice comes up with an idea – hey, we should get SEO done!

Next you hire an expensive SEO consultant only to discover that it did not pay off.

Too Many Things

I am not saying that you should not do all the things I mentioned above, but I want to make a point that you should focus on the ones that are most important. Marketing 101 says- follow the 80-20 rule, meaning focus on the 20% of things that will bring 80% of results. So in this post I will share the most important ways for you to build your online presence.

Before I start digging, I want you to realize that the biggest goal for building your online presence is to get more patients to your practice. It's definitely not about getting listed on 1000 webpages. It's about being visible to an online user even if you're only listed on 3 web pages.

dermatologists in new york

On average there are 50,000 monthly searches on Google in New York related to “dermatologist in nyc.”

YouTube has now surpassed Facebook as the largest social media site.

You already know what two things I am going to discuss.SPOILER ALERT: Google and YouTube.

Google My Business

If I were to tell you to do just one activity, which you can do at absolutely no cost, it's Google My Business. Do it right now!

48% of all Google searches are local or location based

Over 60% of mobile searches are local or location based

Google uses its own special listings to show users online the information about your local businesses and it's known as Google My Business. Google My Business gives you the control the information Google presents about your business. Using Google My Business you can fill out information and a description, as well as images, hours of operation, and contact details.

The greatest advantage to using Google My Business is that you start seeing your business appearing on the top page of Google search engine. Don’t believe it? See this example I extracted from a Google search just a little while ago.

I searched on Google- “best dermatologist nyc” and this is what I saw-

top dermatologist nyc

I placed a red arrow in the picture showing the Google Places results appearing on the first page of Google. Yes, it is that powerful!

Google My Business is the first thing you should do to get found online.

Videos are Holy Grail

You can use video content (with relevant keywords you know your customers are searching) to rank as #1... or 2,3,4... etc. Create simple videos, perhaps customer testimonials, staff speaking about your procedures or benefits, or even powerpoint presentations set to music. Do some research on what your future customers (patients) would be searching and get to it.

It's a little-known secret that traditional digital marketers tend to overlook video content. Check out how well it works for us...

Yup, it is a YouTube video. Google search honors YouTube videos immensely, meaning it's time you started focusing on videos. All you need to do is shoot a short clip of a patient reviewing your practice or you introducing your practice and post it on YouTube. The video can be of 1-3 minutes long, but make sure that you get it SEO optimized to get yourself showing up on Google's first page. Yes, I mentioned the "S" word (SEO), but don’t worry I will soon post about it in detail so you can do it yourself.

By simply doing these two things, Google My Business and posting a video,you will start noticing results immediately and ensure you are found on the largest search engine in the world!

This is Post#2 of the medical marketing series #AskKlara, in case you missed the first post read here. If you need any help in implementing any marketing program or strategy do write to me at