Cost of Doctor's Appointment: $43 Lost During Each Doctor Visit

The cost of a doctor's appointment adds up to more than just the fee for service.A research study from Harvard Medical School has calculated how much time patients spend seeking medical care — and the dollar value of their lost time. The results are astonishing!

Quick Facts:

  • Typical visit to a doctor takes 121 minutes of the patient's time

  • Patients spend 37 minutesin travel time

  • Patients spend 64 minutes waiting for care or filling out forms and adhoc administrative tasks

  • Patients get 20 minutes of face time with the physicians

Possible solutions:

  • Improve Efficiency in administrative onboarding

  • Offer the ability for patients to contact office for 'non-serious' issues

  • Reduce excess time burden across all points in the visit

  • Offer transparency in options for patients before they come in

With Klara it is possible to achieve all the above solutions. Klara is an easy modern platform to address these issues through better communication.

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